I did not see enough of my parents this summer. Fortunately they were able to swing down for a quick 22 hour visit this past weekend. It was so much fun and felt so happy! I loved having them here and only wish for more time. I'm so grateful they were able to sneak down for a visit. 

Maeve loves dogs so it was extra fun for her to have my parent's dog in the house for a day. I feel like I just basked in my parents love the entire time they were here. It was lovely. 

We've had these blocks since forever, but for the last few years they've been acting as steps in our pantry for the spice jars. I recently pulled them out (still haven't solved that spice storage problem) and then they were migrated to Holly and Greta's room. Finally they made their way downstairs and into Maeve's hands. And oh my goodness, SO many memories of my babies playing with these blocks! I just love that my girls Maeve got some play time with these. What will I do when the baby phase is over and done with? I think my heart may break. 

Here's my little Holly Bear playing with the blocks at about the same age Maeve is now. 

Lately, Maeve has occasionally begun to sign "bath" quite enthusiastically after supper and saying, "ba, ba!" with the full expectation that we will put her in the bath. She can be quite insistent! And then when she comes out of the tub, she likes to be wrapped up in a towel and snuggled. I'm just not sure how we lived without her before she was born.

Earlier this month we had our family photos taken. It went so smoothly and I wasn't crazy mom so that's a win! I love these little people of mine. They are a joy! Here are some of my favorites...

A couple photos of some good moments this past week homeschooling. It's a total grind and totally worth it. I'm definitely a student of balance right now. Trying to figure it all out. As a homeschool parent, it's always really interesting to hear what people have to say about homeschooling. Often I prefer for them to not say anything because sometimes it's really judgmental. One thing someone said to me yesterday was that she feels sorry for the younger kids (toddlers, preschoolers) in homeschool families. And I was kind of like, yes and no. My Maeve gets to see so much of her sisters and be so involved in their lives. And she gets so much less time with kiddos her age. I try to remember that what is really happening when people offer their thoughts on homeschooling is they are often running through a pro and con list of what it would look like if they homeschooled themselves. Unfortunately it sounds more like I'm being analyzed... Anyways... there's lots of reasons why I homeschool. And one of them is that I'm prioritizing sister relationships over friendships with other children. Every family looks so different and has different needs and wants. I really truly believe that there is no one right way for everyone. What I need to work on is not taking people's thoughts about homeschooling as criticism. 

Anyways... back to my cute kids! I pulled out playdough for Maeve this week. Big win! And then there was this little scene of my girls reading while eating their lunches. So awesome! Another reason why I homeschool... my kids have more time to read for pleasure.

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