Ah, here we are with a little extra time in the morning thanks to daylight savings. This van full is my whole world! And do you see, E is walking! And I gush over him every time he toddles around. The week after he started walking, he learned to climb onto the table. So you could say it's busy around here.

And then some extra snaps of me and my I Guy because I figure one day he'll be happy to have photos with his momma. Ira is at a super fun age! He's so bright eyed and expressive. We love him.

Have I expressed how much I love having boys in my home? I had no idea boys would be so delightful! I love E - he's a joy. E likes this bus, a lot. Last week, I took it away at nap time and he was so mad! The other day when he was playing with his bus, I couldn't resist taking some pictures. It's hard for me to resist buying all the vehicle toys. Oh my little man, I love you.

Okay, here it is! All my little Trick-or-Treaters! I'd say this year's set of costumes came together really well and overall really easily! Holly was Robin from the movie, "Wolf Walkers." Greta was Little Red Riding Hood. Maeve was Elsa (duh). E was a puppy and Ira was a tiger. Overall, I'd say Halloween this year was a success! E really caught onto the idea that crinkly packages contain tasty treats.

Halloween 2020

I guess we're at that phase where not everyone is home (or awake) for the family activity. This year only Maeve and Holly carved pumpkins. Maeve drew out her design on a piece of paper and then I did my best to replicate it on the pumpkin. Maeve and I also did a couple of crafts. I love the expressions she drew on her pumpkin. I told her I wanted to do some crafts with her one afternoon and her response was, "I already did a craft at preschool." I did so many crafts with Holly and Greta. What they say is true, every child is born into a different family. I'm glad I carved out some time to do a couple little crafts.

The babies were puppies for Halloween (except for when Ira was a tiger) and I took photos ahead of time. Greta and her friend helped me dress the boys and they thought it was so fun and cute. Ha! These two kind of are puppies in real life. E crawls right over Ira all the time and Ira has begun worming his way up to E and getting into his business. These costumes belong to E's Grandma and they're pretty cute. These two brothers are pure joy!

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