Sometimes I still can’t believe I have three daughters! They love each other so much. Sometimes it feel challenging to be mothering two very different phases, but I’m so grateful I get to do it. 

I made Conor take some photos of Maeve and me. I felt like I was art directing, but I want pictures of myself and my baby so… 

I live for Maeve’s smiles! Luckily she gives me the most ;)

We’re nearing that 6 week mark with our Maevester. She’s doing great! Earlier this week she weighed 7lb, 10.6oz. She’s gaining fast! I love her so much and she’s a lot of work! We hold Maeve a lot. I’m definitely in the camp with the mindset of, “you can’t spoil a baby,” and when she’s held she’s not crying. We laugh about that. She’s such a good baby because we hold her all the time and never give her the opportunity to be a bad baby. I know how fleeting this time with my little baby is so I’m doing my best to just enjoy although I’m getting a little antsy to get into a routine and regular life. But I’m trying to be kind and patient with myself because I know it will come. I’ve been practicing yoga for the last two weeks just at home and that has been really great for my body and my mind. I’m looking forward to warmer weather and less snow so that Maeve and I can more easily go for walks. And I’m sure I’ll soon transition into a more rigorous exercise routine.

Here’s a smattering of photos of our sweet Maeve. She’s surviving the sisters! I have to brace myself against the weekends and when the girls are home from school. It’s a bit busier and more intense when everyone is home! Also, today is Conor’s last day of paternity leave. All the feelings about that one!

Maeve is one month old and an absolute joy in my life! She slept through the night last night for the first time! I put her to sleep at 10:30pm and she slept all the way through until 5:30am. It felt so good to get a long stretch of sleep, but I’m not sure if my body or my heart are ready to not feed her during the night. It was likely a one-off so I’ll take it.

Maeve has started smiling a couple days ago and it’s amazing! She gives me smiles when I talk to her after I feed her. It is so adorable and it has been a very happy surprise to have her smiling so early. I was not expecting it! This morning before one of her feedings, she was smiling over and over when I picked her up and talked to her. I love it and I’ll use my ridiculous voice to get all the smiles I can.

Maeve hasn’t had a soother or a bottle. Neither have been offered, neither have been required. A few times in the evening, we’ve thought about giving her a soother. But she’s so easy to calm. In the evenings when she’s feeling a little fussy, we hold her and Conor will hold her so she’s facing down. The amount of crying she does is very minimal. She stops crying as soon as she’s picked up and held, the evenings being the only exception. It’s not uncommon for her to be laying in her arms with her eyes open, taking in the world around her. Eventually she transitions into sleep with hardly a peep. She seems so satisfied and content.

Maeve has gotten so deliciously plump. It’s been very rewarding for me to watch her fatten up. Breastfeeding is working and we both love it! 

Maeve clearly recognizes the voices of her family and will turn towards whoever is talking to her. She’s really becoming her own little person and it’s so exciting. Maeve’s neck is very strong which is a necessary blessing because with two older sisters who love to act like little mommas, Greta especially, Maeve needs to be able to support her head more than the average baby. I’m constantly reminding Holly and Greta to be careful. They just adore Maeve and always want to hold her. There’s been lots of arguments and many tears over who’s turn it is to hold Maeve and who has had the most turns, etc. 

I can honestly say that I have savored and cherished my time with Maeve. These are the good old days and I am loving them. My perspective is clearer because I have two big girls. I know firsthand that time is a thief and I know what I have to look forward to. I love my little baby and I feel daily gratitude for her presence in my life. Heavenly Father told me that she would bring me joy and she absolutely has. I adore her. I can’t imagine our family, or my life, without her. 

I took monthly photos of Greta. I don’t think Maeve and Greta look very much alike besides the dark hair. If you’d like to see for yourself, here’s the post of Greta at one month.

Conor’s sister, Elizabeth, drove to Spokane with her daughter, Vienna to take care of us and to take some photos of sweet baby Maeve. Liz sent over a handful of photos and I’m in love. I’m so grateful she made the trek down to us and I’m even more grateful that she so willingly shares her beautiful talent with us! I value photos so much and our family enjoys looking at photographs. I have a whole stack of books from the years (and many more to compile!). Very often, Holly and Greta will pull out the books and flip through them. I love photographs and I’m so grateful that they’re so easy to take (maybe too easy judging by how many photos are on my computer!).

Maeve is 3.5 weeks old and life is still crazy. I haven’t even attempted to find a new rhythm nor have I needed to with Conor’s generous paternity leave. My days are filled with nursing Maeve, sleeping, showering and lounging. I’m trying to get out for walks. I’m looking forward to getting back on my feet again, but I’m also really enjoying nestling in and caring for my baby while everything else slips away. In it’s own way it’s beautiful.

I took some photos of my three girls yesterday. That was exhausting, but worthwhile. When the big girls are back in school all the daylight will be faded by the time they get home so I knew I had to take the opportunity. 

We all love Maeve so much!

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