Some loving moments with Nana and Papa JJ...

We celebrated Christmas early with Nana and Papa JJ. It's just so much more fun to exchange gifts in person rather than over video chat. The girls were very spoiled and felt very seen by their Nana who had listened intently to their interests and then come up with the perfect gifts. It was a treasure to spend this time together.

We really enjoyed spending time with Nana and Papa JJ. We watched movies and made treats. We played some games. Jim made dinners that Greta ate with enthusiasm (huge achievement!). And we all around just enjoyed being together! It was a lovely and memorable few days.

We spent an afternoon creating with Perler Beads. We made sugar cookies. And we made a Muirhead classic (which I had never had before!), "goo balls." We also had the fun of delivering treats to local loved ones.

Here's what Maeve would look like if her hair had stayed dark (and was thick and long!). Haha!

Who wore it best?

It's really no secret that this year has been tough. There's a whole list of hard stuff. My soul was very much restored by spending time with my parents; they took care of us and loved us. I could rest and reset. We all left with our buckets a little fuller!

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