We were in Alberta last weekend for Grandma Muirhead's funeral. She lived to the amazing age of 97! I really enjoyed attending her funeral and other services and learning more about her. She was an incredible woman and has left behind an amazing legacy of faith and love. I'm so grateful to share her surname. It was a good weekend for checking in and being reminded of what really matters in life. 

The photos I took don't really tell a great story, there's lots of holes. But the days were filled with family and a baby who removed all her clothes during the funeral service. It was intense. And so worthwhile. 

Last weekend, we were up in Alberta. We spent a night at my Granny's house. Holly and Greta loved discovering and exploring all of my grandmother's trinkets and treasures. And Maeve wanted nothing more than to be best friends with my Granny's cat, Mimi. We were up early the following morning preparing for the funeral in Lethbridge. When I was getting ready, I could hear Holly and Greta chatting relentlessly with my Granny. I was reminded that my daughters are love. If you are family, they don't hold back. The approach all of their family relationships from a place of worthiness and love. We haven't seen my Granny in a little over two years. That didn't matter. She's family and they were going to love her. 

Earlier this week, Maeve and I went for a little walk to the pond and back. Walking with a little one is a fun way to experience the world in a whole other way. This little gal has my heart. She's the apple of my eye!

Here she is practicing being moody on the park bench. Ha! I let her walk the two blocks to the pond and then I put her on my shoulders to come home. 

Maeve is so cute even when she eats her little lunch. Maeve refuses to sit in her booster seat at the table most of the time and that's just messy. She really thinks she's a big girl!

We carved our pumpkins the day before Halloween, cutting it close! One perk of having a husband who works from home and homeschooling is that we carved our pumpkins after lunch. And we carved our pumpkins at that time of the day because the evenings weren't working. To say we are hustling feels like an understatement and I really, really need to figure out a better, more peace/less stress way of doing things which may mean simply finding more acceptance.

Anyways... pumpkin carving. Holly went traditional and Greta went with a princess. They turned out cute!

On Halloween, we invited some homeschool friends over for crafts and snacks and Maeve was so cute in the bat headband I made her! I didn't even attempt to dress her in her costume on Halloween, but every now and then she pulls her leaf skirt on and wears it around the house.

Halloween evening was lots of fun. We invited a bunch of families over for chili and trick or treating. In our neighborhood, there was a Harry Potter house. That was exciting. I really love Halloween in Spokane. It's magical. 

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