We had a big Sunday feast with Conor's family and cousins. It was so much fun and Conor said that it was pretty much a replica of his childhood. Big win!

We visited my sweet Gramma McNeill this month. My girls adore her because she's one of the purest souls on the planet! They had so much fun visiting her at the lodge and wanted to return the next day for all the fun events. Unfortunately Maeve wasn't very interested in any of her great-grandparents but that just comes with the age!

Earlier this month, we drove up to Canada for a week. Our first stop was celebrating Conor's Grandma's 97th birthday with other members of Conor's family. We stayed over night with Conor's Aunt and our girls had a blast!

My favorite part about our most recent trip to Canada was snuggling my sister's new baby, Archer. He's so cute! We all love him so much!

We had originally planned to go a week later than we did, but had to change our plans. I finished Archer's quilt while we were up there. It's a whirlwind week, but so fun and worth it.

Not sure if it's my lens, me the photographer, or my wiggly children, but most of the photos I snapped of them this morning turned out fuzzy. Whoops! So here's two of my cute children. I love these three so much!

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