Holly's birthday party was really easy and fun! We invited friends over and they decorated their bikes. This was quite the creative process and I'm pretty sure the kids could've decorated all day long! Once decorated, we took the bikes on a little ride through Manito park, a bike parade. Then we came back to the back yard and I served up a 3' ice cream sundae. Ingredients were: vanilla ice cream, cookie dough ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and cherries. Everyone had their own spoon and got to dig in after we sang happy birthday. This was lots of fun and a big hit with the kids. In lieu of gifts, we asked each girl to bring a wrapped book and we did a white elephant exchange. That was great! It was such a great night. I would definitely repeat this birthday party! Too bad Maeve and Greta are both winter birthdays. 

Holly turned nine this past week! I can hardly believe it! We had a fun (and easy) day celebrating her! It's all about food at our house, and the day started off with Eggs Benedict. I made Holly a birthday dress (as per tradition) and I'm so happy with how it turned out! It's really the perfect color and cut on her. We gave Holly a couple books and a bow and arrow. We are really low-key gift givers, and fortunately Holly is super easy to please! 

I totally can't believe I have a 9 year old! Holly is such a great kid! She's kind and thoughtful. She's awesome with little kids. Holly is cheerful and generous. She is fiercely loyal to her family and friends. Holly is lots of fun and full of energy. She's a great kid!

A really sad thing happened this week... our awesome neighbors and good friends moved to the other side of the country! We are so sad that they are gone! We had so much fun together and this past year we did a lot of Homeschool together. We are so grateful that we got to spend 3 years living so close to them!

We spent our last days with them making some solid happy memories! Hoping we can still see each other now and then and the kids are excited to be pen pals. 

About two blocks away in Manito park is the prettiest little patch of purple Lupine flowers. I really wanted to capture some shots of my sweet daughters with them before this crazy heat withered them away. I think we made it there on one of the flower's last days, they were looking wilted. But I think I caught some okay photos anyways? Maeve wasn't too impressed with having her picture taken and she lasted about 10 seconds but I guess that's just how it goes with a little one her age. Managing expectations over here! Anyways, these three girls... they are so much work and so amazing. I love having all daughters!

Our generous friends let us come and pick as many raspberries as we could while they were on vacation last week. Not gonna lie, I was disappointed with Holly and Greta's picking skills. They ate everything they picked; they would make the worst pioneers. I would've loved to make jam, but instead we enjoyed the raspberries all fresh. Maeve ate lots and lots until they were all gone. One lunch time, I caught her making all sorts of faces. I especially love her squinting and smiling so hard face. Gosh, this baby!

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