Greta is a little chatterbox! In the last couple months, her speech has taken off like crazy! She's always been a very good communicator, even before she could speak, but now she's talking so much! Here's her extensive list of 24 words: hi, bye, buh-bye, uh-oh, bottle, bubble, balloon, dadda, momma, Greta (deda), poo-poo, night-night, do-do (as in a lullabye I sing to the girls and they girls sing to their babies), banana, papa, puppy (puppa), ow, wee, wow, please (ees), thank you, boo, no, and hop (bop).

So if this sounds unimpressive to you, two year olds are supposed to have 20 words. Greta is only 16 months old. I'm impressed!