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A fun afternoon at Fish Lake with some of our very favorite friends.

This summer has already been very full and wonderful. But to make things even sweeter and even more memorable, we had baby squirrels for three days and to be honest, I wish we still had them. I miss them.

Long story short, we cut down a dying mountain ash tree in our front yard. It was in rough shape. We didn't know that it housed a squirrel nest and that we would render two baby squirrels homeless. I would've waited to cut down the tree! We tried to return them to their distressed momma a few times, but the neighborhood cats were quite interested in eating them. 

We cared for them for three days. We fed them pedialyte and puppy formula with an eye dropper and syringes. We kept them warm with a heating pad and a hot water bottle and each one of us totally fell in love with those little rodents including animal neutral (often disliker) me. In the end we took them to a licensed rehabber. She told us that we had done a good job and if I had realized that I would've kept them another week! But I was losing sleep worrying about them. I couldn't stand the idea of us taking improper care of them and them dying. I know, I know. Circle of life. But not on my watch! We're hoping to go visit them in Northeast Washington in a couple weeks. It's crazy how quick they'll grow!

Here's a whole bunch of pictures! The boy was named, "Nappy" and the girl we called, "Squeaker." They were darling. My favorite was seeing the way they cuddled up to each other and in the folds of the fabric. I also loved that they started to root around on our hands when it was time to feed them. I liked how they'd lay on their backs all warm and cozy and milk drunk after we fed them. They were so sweet. Good thing we have a human baby coming soon. But if there were ever a time we'd get a puppy, this past weekend was it!

I'll be buying a squirrel ornament for Christmas this week and I ordered squirrel fabric to make a dress for Holly. We have squirrel fever!

July has been a super busy month for us! I'm way behind on sorting and editing all our pictures. Working on it! This weekend we went camping at Priest Lake for one night. It was so much fun! No one wanted to leave. The girls really wanted to go camping and this was pretty much the only weekend to do it. We were really lucky to book a campsite that was right on the water last minute. It was the best. Extra bonus what the 7-week old puppy at the beach. Holly and Greta were in heaven! These sweet family memories are what make life so beautiful!

It's been HOT in Spokane. We went to Liberty Lake with a picnic dinner the other night to cool off and have some fun. It's only a 25-30 min drive from where we live and it was lots of fun! Summer time is the best!

What do you do on those hotter than summer October days? Pull out the pool of course and try your best to cool down. It seems to be fairly consistent - a heat wave in October. When my girls weren't in school full time, I would take advantage of those hot days and drive to the beach (with zero traffic), laughing at all the poor souls who had a school schedule to keep. Well, now I am one of those poor souls. I'm grateful we have such a fun neighborhood at least!

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