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Conor starts his new job on July 1st. We took advantage of his last full week of no work (and no planned activities for the kids) and planned a little staycation. With babies and a 4 year old, we can't go hard every day, so we did a MWF staycation. We spent two days at Hayden Lake and one day at Deer Lake (with friends). The weather was hot enough that I wanted to get in the water, but not as hot as this week is. We had so much fun! I love watching Maeve swim around in her life jacket chatting to anyone nearby. She's a cutie. I have so many fond memories of playing in the lake as a kid, I love seeing my children enjoy the water. It's fun to play!

Another hot day, another day in the water! On this day, we went to Liberty Lake when Holly was done with school for the day. We invited our best friends and loaded up the paddle boards and played in the water! The day was record-breaking hot and so being in the cool lake water felt so good. Maeve ran around in her own little world playing on the dock and swimming where she couldn't touch (all while wearing her life jacket of course). E loved being thrown in the air and caught in the water and having his body swished in the water. Ira fell asleep in Amorette's arms with his feet in the water. Snapping a photo of our girl gang kicking off another summer of fun was really wonderful. SO many happy memories with these dear friends of ours!

On our way home, we stopped at Cafe Rio, picked up take out and had a picnic and late night at our house. It was one of those magical summer afternoons into evenings that was just right!

Whew, we're experiencing a heat wave and it is hot! Lucky for us, we had already planned a trip to Fish Lake with Maeve's preschool friends. Because Conor isn't working right now, he came too and brought a paddle board. I had purchased two paddle boards back in February when I was feeling a little down about summer and wondering if it would be fun. Where I'm at in raising a family and motherhood and children is a juggling act and I'm so grateful for my supportive community. We loved playing in the water. Conor is at a lake with the kids this afternoon and I think we'll go again tomorrow!

Oh this summer has been entirely different from summers of the past. It was a rough combo of corona virus, pregnancy and it's various symptoms and restrictions and just plain old burn out. The last week of summer, we were sick and while I don't believe it to have been covid19, it would've been irresponsible to spend time with others. So one afternoon, I pulled up my bootstraps and filled the Kiddie pool (otherwise known as the Cat Pool or the Kitty Cat Pool), turned a mostly blind eye to my daughters showering and bathing their bunnies and scooped my girls ice cream cones. I let the girls have at it with the hose and it was all kinds of wonderful. I forget how easy afternoons can be while still being memorable.

Our new front yard has provided endless joys. Here are some photos of a flower crown Greta made and a bouquet of cress! This vase full of this beautiful plant brought me happiness for days!

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