It's no secret that we are homeschooling this year. It has so far been a big roller coaster and rather exhausting, but in it I have found so much joy. It has felt like coming home. I love having a platform and time to do things with my daughters that I want to do. I love reading to them, learning with them and discussing topics like self control. We all really enjoyed art this week. We read books about Henri Matisse and made paper cut-out art. 

The books we read (each more than once!) are:

  • Matisse the king of color by Laurence Anholt
  • Colorful Dreamer the story of Artist Henri Matisse by Marjorie Blain Parker
  • A Bird or Two by Bijou Le Tord
  • The Iridescence of Birds by Patricia MacLachlan

I had the girls copy out a couple of his quotes:

"Creativity takes courage." And, "There are always flowers for those who want to see them." Another good one is, "What I had to do, I did the best I could." And the last one that has stuck with me is, "My mother loved everything I did."

I got the idea for this project from the book, Playful Learning. We have three more artists to read about and mimic. I'm excited about this!