We made it to school time folks! This year we have a freshman, a 7th grader, a first grader and two preschoolers! The boys started at a morning program 4 days a week and I was not prepared for how much Enoch would love it. He loves his backpack, he loves going to preschool, he loves playing with the trucks at the preschool. It is so sweet! Ira and Enoch go to the same place (for now, Enoch will be switching to public school preschool in a week, but he'll still go one day with Ira).

Maeve is happy to be back at school with the same teacher and classmates as last year. She's pretty much unfazed by returning to school and she loves walking to and from school with our neighbors.

My older two are definitely feeling the pressures of their higher grade levels and new schools. I'm hoping that by October they'll feel a little more adjusted.

And me? I've had a productive couple of weeks working on my ceramics business. I feel much less stressed and I really enjoy the time I spend with my kids. This has been a great change of pace for everyone!