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We had our first week of school last week and it went great! I like homeschooling my girls, although I won't lie, I'm tired! Our first day was a little crazy, but that's what I expected. We had a great start! Next week Holly and Greta start classes twice a week in the afternoon. I think that will be the perfect addition to our week. Maeve is in these photos because she plays a very active part in our homeschool ;)

And the living room... I may never had a tidy and clean house ever again. 

Homeschooling feels really right for my daughters this year. It's so much work so it's really important for me to have this assurance. Here we go! 

This past Tuesday, Holly, Greta and I began spanish classes at a school about a 5 minute walk from our apartment. We go for 4 hours and we will go for all of this coming week as well. I sure hope I can get a grip on Spanish. Church today was all a blur. At one point in Relief Society one of the woman began to talk about me. I believe she was telling about how I came to an activity this last week and am welcomed. I panicked a little bit wondering if I was expected to make a comment. But I think that generally it's ok that I don't speak the language well and our church community knows I'm trying to learn. Back to church being a blur today... I can pick out some words but not enough to truly understand! Conor told me that today he made a mental note of today so that in 3 months he could compare and appreciate how far he's come. Hopefully i make progress!

So the girls and I go to school... and I really do like it. It's a challenge for sure! Last week, all the students made ensalada de las fruitas. In it was: piñas, frases, naranjas, papayas, mangos, bananas, cerezas... it was so good! A very fun activity.

We had our first day and week of school! We are homeschooling (!!!) this year and it has been quite a journey so far. Tons of up and down, a total roller coaster. Hoping I settle into our new rhythm and find our new normal soon. Some days I can't believe I'm doing this, but I think for our family, this year it's the right choice. There are a lot of things I love about it. Just working out the kinks and the anxiety! 

Maeve obviously loves having her sisters around. I think she would find herself feeling lonely and sad without those two each day! 

Holly is participating in Cross Country at school and she had her first "meet" this week. It was the most adorable thing I've ever seen! Oh my goodness! A whole mess of cute kids in their school jerseys just so excited to be there. Holly was all smiles. At the end of it all I asked her what she liked best and her answer was all of it. She said there wasn't anything she didn't like. Win! Holly got to ride a school bus from her school to the park where they raced. That was her first time on a bus and it was a thrill! It's the little things when you're 6 years old. Holly did a great job. We loved cheering her and the other kids on. She totally had a runner's high afterwards. She has one more meet before the season is over and we're all looking forward to it. Long live childhood!

It was a little tough to send Holly to school this year. We've only been in Spokane for 2 weeks and I feel like we know very little about the school. I was nervous! Holly was nervous! Imagine my relief when I picked her up at the end of the day, asked her how her day was and her response was an enthusiastic, "It was great! I had fun!" Phew! It all went well. She's still our happy Holly. Here's some photos of my big girl on her big day.

Can you see Greta making faces through the door window? Honestly! Greta is turning into such a class clown. She's discovering she likes to make people laugh and does she ever make us laugh! Love these two sisters.

Greta starts preschool tomorrow!

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