Sometime in the spring, when I could see that summer was going to be a tad on the disappointing side with zero trips to Canada, I got desperate and booked a couple vacations. I needed something to look forward to this summer! And I'm so glad I did! I book our trip to Banks Lake and our stay in Hayden Lake. We just got home today and we had a really lovely time! The weather was gorgeous and fortunately there aren't really any wildfires this year, or at least no smoke from them (yet). We stayed in a little two bedroom cabin, ate simple food and we were a short walk to the shared beach. The beach was super beautiful. It's south facing, pretty sand and the water is so clear! This was my type of vacation! We had access to a couple kayaks, a paddle board, a canoe and some other lake toys and we loved using them. Swimming out to the little dock was so much fun. I loved watching my girls play on the dock.

Coming back home feels like a downer. It was so fun to play and have so few cares and concerns! I'm so glad we went on this little vacation. Our family really needed it, I really needed it!