Ira is 10 months old! Time is flying by. My little guy is still pulling himself along with his left arm and pushing with his right foot. He gets up on his hands and knees all the time and will put his hands up on something and take wiggly steps with his knees. But he's not hands and knees crawling yet. He can pop up onto his hands and knees so easily and is pulling himself up to kneeling and standing all the time! He's like a baby goat, if there's something he can climb, he'll climb it. He loves sitting at the oven and kneeling at the drawer handle. He especially loves to pull himself up to kneeling or standing using my body as support. Sometimes he wraps his pudgy arms around one of my ankles and every time my heart melts.

Ira can wave, "hi." We were so surprised when he waved! He's absorbing so much every day. He can also say, "hi." It's pretty cute! Right this moment, he's trying to put a doll apron onto his body.

Night sleep is still very much an issue in this house. Waking once a night is doable. Staying up late or getting up early because he doesn't want to sleep feels less doable. Unconsolable crying because he's stuck in-between awake and asleep is so hard. We really need to work on honing those sleep habits.

Ira is holding his own with big brother, E. If E tries to take something from him, Ira holds on tight. Ira loves his family members, however, true to being a breastfed baby he has some serious preference for me. Sometimes he cries when Conor takes him away from me.

Ira is a beautiful and good natured baby. We sure love him!