My little man is 4 months old! Oh Ira, I love him so much. What I hear people around me say the most about Ira is that he's a smiley baby. It's true! He is really quick to smile and his grin is so big and wonderful. Ira has big, round blue eyes which are also a show stopper. Ira sleeps through the night (what a blessing!) and he's a good little napper. Ira can roll onto his tummy from his back and vice versa. I love watching him do this because back to tummy is slow and intentional and often he grunts and groans in the process. He looks like he's working so hard! Ira has recently discovered his lips and his tongue. He likes to suck in his lips and kind of gnaw on them and he's beginning to try out blowing raspberries with his tongue. He's a chatty little fellow. So far, Ira is a bit of a shorty and no heavy weight but his growth is good! The other day at the grocery store, I saw a mom and towering teenage son. At the time I wondered if that would be me and Ira in 15-16 years, but who knows! The idea of having man children feels very foreign still. For now, Ira is a darling baby and I like watching his little personality emerge. I love him so much!