This was a really fun tour for me, even though we were out of water and all really thirsty, tired from our day of walking and it was a very warm day! The Botanical Gardens are so beautiful and to me, there's something really magical about cacti. Sometime when we lived in California, I decided to buy some house plants because I had read that they can increase happiness. My mom was visiting and we choose 3 plants together. I've since expanded my collection to 16 (and maybe killed a few!) and I find so much joy in my plants and how they grow. I have some cacti and other plants that I've seen growing outdoors in the ground here. 

The tour was long and we bailed after an hour. At one point, when the tour guide was explaining something in Spanish that I couldn't understand, Maeve walked in front of the crowd (I'd guess 50+ people), waving and saying, "hola." She's a heart melter! My girls have an appreciation for plants and they enjoyed the tour as well, although they were happy to go early and hunt down some water! In my opinion, this is a Oaxaca must visit. There are tours in English too. It just worked better for our schedule to go at that time (or so I thought). I'm a little panicked about fitting everything I want to do in. I need to let go of my scarcity mentality. Here's a swamp of photos! Because you know, my girls + a beautiful garden = me going bananas with my camera!