Our last couple of days in Salinas were great! They were Conor’s last work days too and we are all so happy to now have Conor on vacation time. Salinas has great beaches, in my opinion. We could’ve snacked there all day! The town itself is a real hodge podge. Some really nice buildings, some incredibly run down buildings. I think maybe I should’ve taken some photos of the town itself, but I think I’m just used to seeing the half built buildings now and I don’t think much of it. All that being said, we really enjoyed our time at the beach. Conor would take a long lunch and then work at night after we put the girls to bed and it actually worked really well. I’m proud of us for being flexible (even if I resist it like crazy!) and making the best of it. I can’t really complain because I am spending a chunk of time on the coastline of Ecuador. It’s pretty fantastic! One of our beach days, Holly and Greta made some friends and had the best time playing with them. It’s so cute to see the girls use their limited Spanish. 

April is kind of the end of the warm season here, so it feels as though Salinas and Puerto Lopez are a little sleepy. Salinas was definitely much busier when we were there in March. The water was cooler our last couple of days in Puerto Lopez too. I think this has been a great time to visit the coast. It’s not as hot (but still really hot!) and less busy. One thing about Salinas (and Puerto Lopez too), lots of restaurants are closed 2:30-6:30pm. It’s the coast life.