My parents and my sister Alanna came to visit us this past weekend. I feel a lot of gratification having so many visitors. It's like all the years of driving or flying to Canada are paying off. I love hosting family! We feel very fortunate to have had so many dear ones visit us. And there's a few more visits on the calendar!

My parents came to help us with our yard and I mean help with an S.O.S. The yard hasn't been properly cared for for quite some time. There's a ton of large rock in Spokane - a lot of the houses' foundations are built from local rock, like our house. Our house is also literally built upon a rock. About a third of our basement is raw, uneven rock and this rock extends to the side of our house. My parents decided to start by cleaning off that rock. We didn't realize what we were getting into. A couple of feet of packed dirt was on top of that rock. It was dirty, dusty work to get all of it moved off the rock. Now we have a massive pile of dirt in our yard... We were all pretty tired by the end of that adventure and there's still lots left to do.

We made some time for some fun and we walked around some of Manito Park. Gosh, I love where we live.

We promise that we don't work all of our guests this hard! ;)