A little winter vacation to make us question why we travel with babies (but seriously). We had a lot of fun even if the boys didn't love sleeping in a new place. I've looked forward to this trip since I booked it a couple months ago. We stayed at a really lovely spot, right on a trailhead. We didn't have to drive to ski which was hugely convenient. On our first full day we met up with our friends who overlapped their trip with ours. We skied from our trailhead to a suspension bridge, ate lunch in a warming hut and skied back. It was approx. 10km and our girls were awesome! I carried Ira for the first time ever and the combination of additional weight, super warm weather and sticky snow gave me wicked bad blisters on the backs of my heels. Like so bad. But so it goes. The scenery was gorgeous. We skied through clusters of trees and by a river. I loved being right there in the valley with the foothills of the cascades. I really hope we make this a yearly trip.