Maeve is 15 months old today. She's the jewel of our family, we all adore her! Maeve still isn't walking although she loves to motor along and walk with someone holding her hands. She scoots everywhere on her bottom, but in the last couple of days, she's begun to explore her hands and knees. I have mixed feelings about that! Of course I want her to crawl on her hands and knee, but Maeve scooting around on her bottom is so uniquely her. A part of me will be sad when she walks and no longer scoots. I feel as though I should take many more videos!

Maeve is finally beginning to sleep through the night only because Conor and I are so under slept and desperate! It's tough to listen to her cry in the night and actually, last night, I gave in and fed her. But those nights where I sleep straight through without any interruptions are heaven! Conor and I are wondering why we didn't insist on her sleeping through the night sooner, but there's a few reasons why including her lack of weight and height and my own push over heart. 

Maeve is the only white baby I've seen in Ecuador and turns a lot of heads. Maeve is a really tricky name for Ecuadorians to say (Katie too actually). Her name is usually pronounced, "mab." Or sometimes I over pronounce the "v," which makes it sound like a two syllable word.

The other day, I had Holly take a couple photos of Maeve and I. I need to make a greater effort to be in more photos.