Hopefully, you as a reader know that I am LDS. It has been truly inspiring to go to church here in Ecuador. I hope that I can fully express what kind of experience it has been for me. 

Last Sunday, we were mixed up on what time church started at and only attended the last hour. I was invited to a bridal shower on Wednesday evening at the church and a family invited us to their home for dinner and family home evening on Monday night. 

Today, we went to all three hours of church. It was a fast and testimony meeting and it was beautiful. It felt like pure religion. Many in the congregation were not wearing typical Sunday clothing - there were jeans, t-shirts and tank tops. While I couldn't fully understand the testimonies that were shared, I could pick out words and phrases here and there. The common threads were about Jesus Christ, the Book of Mormon, the Plan of Salvation and Eternal families. The gospel is so precious here. One young man, who is the only member in his family, expressed his loneliness in the church to me. But, he told me that to him the gospel is beautiful. The young women wear their personal progress medallions and honor bee charms with pride. In comparison to my ward back home, these people have close to nothing. But they have the true gospel of Jesus Christ and that is enough. They have what matters. 

I observed one young man (about 14 years old) during sacrament meeting not only pass the sacrament, but literally feed it to a handicapped man. Is this not what Christ would do himself? It was one of the most beautiful acts I have witnessed. The young man was not embarrassed, or self aware. He was not hurried. I hope to never be the same because of my time here.

Maeve got to nursery for the first time today. It seems as though the age threshold is different here. On her way into the room, an old woman rushed up towards her poorly pronouncing her name, "Mav, Mav," she said. Earlier this week, Maeve's niñera, Ariel, had taken Maeve to visit this old woman. For the rest of church we were pressed for a commitment to visit again. "Cuando? Cuando?" Again, Maeve intoxicates. 

The gospel is so beautiful.