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“Amusement park”

At the base of the Teleférico is an amusement park. We spent a few dollars on rides for Holly and Greta. Maeve walked around and was adored by a nearby family. Maeve draws a lot of attention. I believe this is because 1. she's a baby and 2. she's a gringo. I now know why we received so many, "you're brave" responses to our travels to South America. I believe we are a tad unusual and I believe that's because it is difficult (so sleep deprived!). Nevertheless, we are here. And Maeve is getting all the love!

We have a ninera for Maeve 2 hours a day, and it's not uncommon for Maeve to come home with a little lipstick on her neck or the top of her head. She's just so lovable. Maeve lives true to her name, "she who intoxicates"!

I just thought it was too adorable to see Conor sit in between these two doting ladies!