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We’re savoring our sunny days at the beach. They’re coming to an end. In less than 3 weeks, we will no longer call California home. We’re beginning a new chapter in Washington. I’m at both ends of the spectrum emotionally. I’m excited about Washington, happy to be closer to family and I’m in love with the home we’re buying. And I’m going to miss California something fierce - the place, the people, the whole dang thing. Living in California has been an amazing gift. Our family, our marriage has done a lot of changing while we lived here. We climbed so many mountains here, our most known one was paying off our debt. California is the only home our girls can remember - they were too small when we left Colorado. We are going to miss just about everything about living here (our dear friends are at the top of that list!) and I’m already planning next summer’s vacation in this golden State!

A trip to Half Moon Bay with Conor! Traffic is seriously so insane here these days. It can be painful to get to the beach. We were planning on going to Santa Cruz, but there was a couple accidents on the 17 and early Friday afternoon traffic… so change of plans! Half Moon Bay was cool and breezy and beautiful.

This day may have been my favorite. We all played so hard together and the water was perfect. Clearer than the other beaches we’d been at and it stayed shallow for a longer distance and that made it easy for the children to play in the water.

At one time, I had Greta on my back and I was helping Holly with the boogie board. It was a perfect Mom moment to me and I loved playing in the water and laughing with my children.

I probably got the most enjoyment from the boogie board. I loved watching Holly ride the waves and the lingo she used. “Let’s catch this one!” She was too much! I was so proud of how brave she was and of her persistence. It was a really special beach day.

These photos are from our second trip to Coronado Beach. Boogie boarding, playing in the sand, playing together… what more could I want?

This was a fun day! The girls had so much fun playing with their friends and we explored the rocky tide pools and found a ton of crabs and anemones. Holly was thrilled about the wild touch pools. Visits to the aquarium has given her a lot of experience and confidence. It was a wonderful day!

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