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At our Cotopaxi hotel there lived a llama names Juanito. Our girls fed him carrots on three separate occasions. They just adored him! My favorite was when Maeve fed him a carrot without understanding that he was going to take the carrot from her hand. She was so angry! Lots of screeching and yelling. Maeve did eventually warm up to him, sort of. She remained wary of Juanito. Holly and Greta on the other hand could not get enough of the poor guy! What a fun experience for them to have!

We stayed one night very close to the south entrance of Cotopaxi park at the Rondador Hotel. It was such a great stay, with very friendly staff, especially with Maeve. The restaurant had really yummy food! It was such a pleasant time. I highly recommend traveling in Ecuador with a baby. Ecuadorians are so kind, but their kindness is magnified when you have a cute, blue eyed baby traveling with you. Maeve has helped us to make so many connections! 

We spent 3 nights in Baños, Ecuador. One of those days was spent in Puyo, which is just over an hour away. Another day, Conor went horseback riding with the girls (dreams come true!!!), we went out for lunch and on a little hike and then in the evening, we went to the baths. Baños is so pretty. It's a small town nestled in a valley and surrounded by beautiful mountains. Candy is quite the thing there. We saw so many stands selling candy! Of course we bought some. 

I forgot to post this sweet photos of my girls at our hosteria in Puerto Lopez. Love, love, love these sweethearts!

The next rescue center we visited (Paseos Los Monos) had primarily monkeys but other animals as well. Again, it was another loop that we walked to see what we could see. It was really great! The whole loop, we were accompanied by a coatí, which is related to raccoons. She followed us and rooted around in the ground for snacks as we went. She was so friendly that a couple of times I almost step on her because she was underfoot. Something about having this little creature walk along with us made the visit extra special.

The place had a nursery for baby animals fed with bottles. There were 3 monkeys and a baby coatí. One of the monkeys was 14 months old and especially playful. Maeve was laughing so hard and it was the cutest thing ever! I loved watching Maeve point to all the animals. Safe to say, every member of our family enjoyed this day!

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