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We went a a restaurant recommended by friends called, Casa Oaxaca. It was fancier than I anticipated! The one we went to is the "cafeteria" one and there's another, fancier one downtown. The food was delicious and we loved watching one of the men make salsa for us table side. I keep trying mole with the hopes that I'll love it, but I think it's an acquired taste that I have not acquired. Not sure if I should keep trying! By the end of this day, we were exhausted and so ready to put our feet up and sleep. Poor Maeve has been hauled every where without naps lately! She's a trooper, but we feel it in the mornings when she wakes up ticked off! 

PS: Holly bought the sweater she's wearing about and it suits her so perfectly! 

My Mom wants to see more pictures of what we're eating. This post is for you Momma! There's lots of good food here, so many combinations of beans, cheese and tortillas that are so satisfying. Here's one dish we tried recently - enfrijoladas. Crispy tortillas, smothered with black bean sauce and topped with cheese. So simple, so delicious! And the bonus ambience of our local mercado and the friends we've made there. The eating space is so tight that each time we've eaten at the spot, we've struck up conversation with the table beside us. I love Mexico! 

One day this past week, Maeve just wouldn't take a nap and she also wouldn't relax. I took her out to the mercado for a little date. First we stopped at the tortilla shop because Maeve had a craving and then we bought orange-pineapple juice and drank it together. I loved spending those 20 minutes with just Maeve! Poor Maeve, we try to get her down for a nap at a reasonable time each day, but our schedule has had so many variables! Lots of lates nights, late naps and missed naps! 

Here's a few pictures of the fruit stand in our local market just a block and a half away. In Ecuador, we would never touch the produce, only tell the vendors what we want and how many and they would gather it. Here, you pick out your produce yourself! I initially felt really weird doing that, but now I'm used to it. All these little differences. 

A few times, we've stopped at this local little taco shop to buy really yummy (and rolled!) tacos. It's totally a home kitchen sort of style, but the tacos are amazing and so cheap. For 8 good sized tacos, we paid 120 pesos, which is considerably less than what we paid for 4 ice creams! All the little shops and vendors really make the neighborhoods something special. There's so much more interaction between people and it's really cool! I wish there were more small shops in my neighborhood in Washington. I'm not talking boutiques, I'm talking mom and pop shops. Anyways, some photos! 

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