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Cuenca has a few different markets. We finally made our way to one on Thursday. Grocery shopping is tricky for a few reasons: first, we can only buy what we can carry. 2. There are different ingredients than from what I'm used to. 3. It takes a good chunk of time to walk to the Super-maxi or the market, buy the food and walk home. In Quito, I would often stop in at the market on our way home from school. That was really easy to do. Here, we have decided that on market days, we will eat a meal at the market while we are there. 

This market is three levels and as soon as we stepped foot onto the "food court" level, a couple of women were immediately holding out meat from their pigs in their bare hands, inviting us, kind of forcefully, to have a sample. After we sampled, I felt obligated to buy, and buying eliminated the decision making process. And so we ate pork, potatoes, corn, salad and juice. It was great! I love the market experience. Next time we go to the market, I want to spend more time checking out the venders set up outside of the market.

We picked our apartment well I think. We are very close to el mercado (the market). My first visit there was so overwhelming. I think in part because we had just arrived and it's so different! There are so many smells and almost any food item can be bought including cows' hooves, just in case you are in the mood. 

The women that work there all wear lilac purple uniforms - aprons with hair coverings. And they all want you to buy! The women are very inviting - inviting to look and taste. The fruit of Ecuador is amazing. Blackberries (moras) grow year round. I've never had papaya or passion fruit until this trip. I try to eat avocado daily. I want to figure out the best way to consume more plantains. I will never be the same. Holly and Greta like mangos the best. Oddly, Maeve isn't digging the fruit scene as much as I think she should!

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