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We hiked to a waterfall in Otavalo, but first we got completely turned around and hiked near the waterfall but not to it. We arrived at this tourist location before it was really open and got completely turned around, but it wasn't a bad thing because where we hiked around was really, really pretty! The waterfall was also spectacular! It was a fantastic morning. Gosh, I love Ecuador. 

We went to the market in Otavalo, but for some reason I didn't take one photo! Can't believe it! I guess I had to leave with a regret. We did buy things at the market though. 

Our next stop on our tour in Otavalo was to the home of a family who wove all sorts of things such as scarves and hair wraps. They also raised cuyes (Maeve loved watching them!) and the sweetest little three year old, Ivan, with the best bowl cut, introduced us to all the cuyes and gallenas (hens) and showed us how fast he could run. He was adorable and completely melted our hearts! 

While in Otavalo, Zulay took us to a couple places of interest. One was a traditional home built 50 years ago. The elderly couple who lived in the home wove mats and baskets and fans for fires. It was such a humble dwelling and so very interesting. One of my favorite parts was listening to Zulay speak to the couple in Quechua, the indigenous language. We bought a couple of small baskets for $3 each. This was a fantastic homeschooling activity. 

I really enjoyed Otavalo and I would love to spend more time there. It's beautiful, it's small and it's full of indigenous people in their traditional clothing. The Otavalans have done the best job of all the people in Ecuador at preserving their traditions. Another interesting thing about Otavalo is that it's believed that indigenous Otavalans are Lamanites as in Lamanites from the Book of Mormon. Otavalans who are members of my church are considered some of the most faithful members and were among the first to visit the temple in Guayaquil when it was newly built. 

We stayed in a great Air BnB in Otavalo. It was called Casa de Zulay. Zulay was an awesome hostess, so friendly!