We went to the largest market in Latin America and saw maybe only a quarter of it. We were really fortunate to go with our friends, Valerie and Clay, who have experience and bearings on what parts of the market we should see. It was so nice to have extra adults to wrangle the kiddos. We spent about 3 hours total in the market. It was so interesting! When we were in Ecuador, we went to a really large market and left feeling dazed and overwhelmed. This market was more enjoyable in that the halls were wider, the items being sold more interesting, and the time of day was more ideal with not too many people. It's kind of mind blowing, how does everything get sold? We're starting to reach a point of anxiety (for me) about transporting our goods home and so we didn't buy much. Plus, I have too many experiences where I've bought something and not really used it like I thought I would. Anyways, I did a buy a maraca for Maeve. It's nice for her to have something to hold while she's on my back. And I found itty bitty panties for her too, we had to double back for those! I'm not potty training her yet, but she's showing signs of readiness. I'll probably cry when I'm no longer changing diapers. Also bought Maeve shoes... so maybe I wasn't being honest when I said I didn't buy much? I bought lots of Mexican buntings because I love it. And I found a sweater for my niece... Qué más? Holly and Greta have spending money and they bought a few trinkets too. Greta's really into buying gum and treats. 

Everything at this market was much cheaper (everything - food, textiles, etc!) than at 20 de Noviembre. Obviously it's a bit of a beast, but the next time I'm in Oaxaca, I plan on wondering around here more! 

A couple notes about the pictures... all the jeans are displayed with the peaches outwards. Makes  me laugh every time! The live animals... oh gosh, some of those chickens were looking rough! I cropped those out. We also watched (and smelled and sampled!) chocolate our friends had fresh ground at Mayordomo. Definitely doing that for ourselves next time and customizing the ingredients, less sugar, more almonds. And maybe bring a big suitcase next time?? This was a super fun adventure!

Okay, and  real life of traveling with Maeve... the poor girl rarely gets a good nap at the apartment in her bed. She's a really trooper! Most of her naps are on my back! Our girls are the best ages and sizes to travel right now! Holly and Greta are big enough to walk a lot without complaining and Maeve is small enough to carry a lot.