Christmas was so good this year. We've really found our stride for what feels right for our family. It was such a leisurely and relaxing day. Holly and Greta were both so excited and grateful for everything - Santa brought them gum and that made all their wishes come true! They are really easy to please children and an overall joy. This Christmas, I feel like we had a good number of gifts. Not too many, except for Maeve. We gave Holly and Greta slippers on Christmas Eve and a game on Christmas Day. Not much, but honestly, just right. My favorite gifts given and received were the gifts that Holly and Greta gave to each other. They were so excited to shop for one another and then SO excited to watch their sister open their gift. That was one of the very best parts of Christmas!

My second favorite gift was Maeve sleeping through the night on Christmas Eve! Woo hoo! While it hasn't lasted she did give us a few nights of uninterrupted sleep and they were wonderful! 

Holly unfortunately got a tummy bug on Christmas Day in the afternoon, which affected our Christmas dinner plans. While that was disappointing, it seemed that nothing could take away the magic of the day. It was so peaceful and relaxing and lovely. Truly, it was what we needed.