We spent out last couple of days in Ecuador in Quito, where it all started. We got to go to the same ward we went to for our first three Sundays. It was so much fun to go back! I think having our Spanish complimented was so gratifying! (Now I need to the discipline to continue to practice!) We got to spend a lot of time with our good friends, the Gavilánez family. We feel so blessed to have had such wonderful, amazing and memorable experiences in Ecuador. Being members of our church and being able to attend church everywhere we were was a huge blessing. I especially appreciated knowing there would be a ward family everywhere we went. 

One big lesson we learned in Ecuador was that it only takes one person, one family, one friend to make a huge difference. We didn't make a ton of friends everywhere we went, but the people who did come into our lives and cared for us made a huge impact on us. I'm so grateful to those friends who welcomed us into their lives.