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About two blocks away in Manito park is the prettiest little patch of purple Lupine flowers. I really wanted to capture some shots of my sweet daughters with them before this crazy heat withered them away. I think we made it there on one of the flower's last days, they were looking wilted. But I think I caught some okay photos anyways? Maeve wasn't too impressed with having her picture taken and she lasted about 10 seconds but I guess that's just how it goes with a little one her age. Managing expectations over here! Anyways, these three girls... they are so much work and so amazing. I love having all daughters!

Not sure if it's my lens, me the photographer, or my wiggly children, but most of the photos I snapped of them this morning turned out fuzzy. Whoops! So here's two of my cute children. I love these three so much!

I love carousels. And I love babies on carousels. To me, it's really fun and magical to ride a carousel with a baby. I was very excited to take Maeve around on the Looff now that it's finally set up in it's new (perhaps unnecessary) home. So, so cute! Fun activity for the whole family!, and Happy Hollows. And then when Holly and Greta were smaller here in Spokane on the Looff it's old and perhaps superior home. 

Almost daily, I find all my daughters hanging out in the pantry. I'm not entirely sure what is so amazing about this room, but it seems to lure them in. Maeve is constantly getting in there to chew on whatever she can find and when Holly and Greta are in the pantry, Maeve will throw a big stink to be included. Maybe it's the microwave? We haven't had one in our home for over 5 years so I think it seems to be magical to my daughters, Holly especially. Holly has heated up countless mugs of water and the girls like to make "carrot cake" by slicing carrots and microwaving them. It's hilarious! I couldn't help but capture a few pictures of my three girls all hanging out. It's really sweet to watch their sisterhood grow. 

On Greta's birthday, we met some friends at Greta's favorite park and played. This meant that I got more than 3 hours of Spanish practice! Oh gosh, the language is difficult. Slugging through though! When the afternoon became dark, we walked to our local chapel where the women were making ceviche. Oh my goodness so delicious! Or as they would say in Ecuador, "bien rico" (pretty delicious!). I was surprised when a lady walked around with a grocery bag filled with salted popcorn mixed with plantain chips. That is a topping for the soup and it was so good! I'm so grateful Trader Joe's sells plantain chips back home. 

Now that we are in an apartment with a decent kitchen and for a longer stay, we plan on cooking Ecuadorian food. Hoping to share some photos of what we make! Do I dare make chicken stock out of chicken feet like the locals?!

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