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On Greta's birthday, we met some friends at Greta's favorite park and played. This meant that I got more than 3 hours of Spanish practice! Oh gosh, the language is difficult. Slugging through though! When the afternoon became dark, we walked to our local chapel where the women were making ceviche. Oh my goodness so delicious! Or as they would say in Ecuador, "bien rico" (pretty delicious!). I was surprised when a lady walked around with a grocery bag filled with salted popcorn mixed with plantain chips. That is a topping for the soup and it was so good! I'm so grateful Trader Joe's sells plantain chips back home. 

Now that we are in an apartment with a decent kitchen and for a longer stay, we plan on cooking Ecuadorian food. Hoping to share some photos of what we make! Do I dare make chicken stock out of chicken feet like the locals?!

On February 7th, Greta turned 7 years old! I can't believe she's seven and at the same time I can... we have been counting down to her birthday for a long time! Greta's birthday differed greatly from our usual traditions. I packed balloons and a golden crown (for her golden birthday), but there were very few presents, I didn't sew a birthday dress and we didn't eat our typical birthday food. The day before Greta's birthday, we went to the market and bought fruit for a fruit salad for breakfast. We ate ice cream (helado, helado, helado! Cincuenta sentavos!) twice. The spanish school was so thoughtful and bought a cake and every sang. Because the cake was gluten, Greta couldn't eat it, but mature beyond her years, she felt deeply celebrated. I feel really proud of how Greta responded to her very different birthday in Ecuador. I love Greta very much and I can't believe she's grown so much from her little self. When we brought her home from the hospital, she weighed a mere 4lb, 12oz! My smallest baby!

Greta lost her eighth tooth this weekend! About a week or so ago she lost her seventh tooth. Those two teeth have been wiggling since the summer time! I have no idea how they stayed in there so long and if you had asked me in August how long they were going to take to fall out, I would not have said as long as it has taken! So now Greta has a gappy smile and now Raton Perez will not be visiting us in Ecuador. 

If you're looking for a fun picture book about tooth fairies, our family loved Throw Your Tooth on the Roof: Tooth Traditions From Around the World

Time to get serious about brushing and flossing. Haha.

Greta and one of her friends made the cutest snowman last week after we received a dump of snow. Greta kept knocking at the door asking for this or that for her snowman. As of today, the poor thing is all melty and droopy and I asked Greta to bring in the pieces. The circle of life. 

Our Greta qualified for the all city cross country meet and she did great! She took 18th out of 100 girls! I'm so proud of Greta for running this race. She was really nervous about it and had many, many feelings the night before. It was so fun to cheer on my darling girl and to watch her run! What a joy it is to discover what my daughters' strengths are!

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