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One thing about kindergarten - I don’t do nearly so many crafts with Greta because I know when Holly gets home from school she’ll want to do it too and I’m just not usually up for getting out craft supplies twice in one day. But it’s totally not fair to Greta. Holly had lots of time with just her and me crafting and Greta doesn’t get to do the things Holly does at school. I’m working on changing my mentality and living in the moment with Greta. If I do do something with just Greta and I don’t do it with Holly, Holly will often duplicate it on her own. She’s done her own version of a few things now.

The other day Greta’s joy school did the letter “G”. I made each of the kids a little show ribbon to wear when we do the first letter of their first name. Greta has been dying for her special “G” day. When Holly got home from school she made her own (bigger) show ribbon. Holly never stops making!