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Summer has and hasn't ended. Holly's been in school for one week, but the weather is still summery and warm. I'm full of emotion over the close of this summer season, not only because summer has ended, but it's also the close of a season of life. How I've enjoyed these last 5 years of mothering, of being at home with my children and my children at home with me. If only it had no end... But here we are. Holly has begun her school years and so we now have early mornings, and life revolves around a schedule that a system has set for me rather than my own, likely for the next two decades. How short those 5 years were!

I should be reflecting on the positive. This summer has been beautiful, even if I didn't do as much as I'd hope. We made some splendid memories and had sweet moments. My daughters played endlessly with each other and we went on an amazing vacation.

I'm torn between not wanting this season - summer and my babies being at home with me - to end, and wanting to stay in bed for a week and cry because school is my reality.

I'm so grateful I have these beautiful memories to cherish (if only I could remember more) and photographs to adore.

I love being a mother.