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Covid-19 has me feeling stressed and anxious. Fortunately Conor has an extra long weekend so that we can figure out what we need to do and just be together. I have all sorts of feelings ranging from disappointment to anger about how government has handled this (I'm looking at you, Mr Trump). I'm grateful that church has been canceled as well as everything else in our lives. And I'm nervous about getting through the next 2-24 months.

This afternoon, we packed the babies up and went on a hike and it was exactly what I needed. Just to be outside, unplugged from my phone and the news. I'm so grateful that we can at the very least, go outside every day.

All in all, Conor and I are very fortunate. Conor works from home, and I already homeschool my daughters. The disruption to our lives and routines is so much less than what it will be to other families.

Yesterday, we went to the Teleferico here in Quito. It's a cable car (gondola) ride up Pinchicha volcano. Unfortunately, we did not realize that because Maeve is less than 18 months old she could not ride, due to the quick change in elevation. Conor stayed below with Maeve while Holly, Greta and I went to the top. From the top of the cable car, a person could then hike to the summit. I would love to do that some day! It was so beautiful and a welcome change from the busy city. It felt peaceful and beautiful. I would like to see more of the parks and open spaces here in Ecuador. I really did like this and would recommend it. One day, when all our babies are older than 18 months, we will come back with a picnic and hike for a while. 

One day, when Catherine and Jim were here, we went for a walk at Pallisades. It's always so good to get outdoors!

The weather was amazing this last weekend and has continued to be gorgeous into this week. Holly, Greta and I planted our spring garden on Saturday - I'm hoping to get something out of it, especially since I spent my spending money on it! We spent most of the weekend outside in the backyard. On Sunday, I made cauliflower crust pizza and we picnicked outdoors. It was dreamy...

On a completely unrelated note, I'm considering blogging about some of the things that mean a lot to me... like how we eat, fitness, my journey to finding calm and peace... who knows if I'll write it, there's a lot of critics out there (especially towards vegetarians!).