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And here we are... watching the girls smash the piñata with their fellow classmate on Friday during the school break. When in Mexico! 

Last week, we went on a little walking field trip with the director of our Spanish school and some fellow students. We went to a Piñata workshop. I love all the Piñatas that are hanging up around town, they are so beautiful! The workshop was really neat and we hope to go back and make piñatas ourselves. The contrast between the grey workshop and the bright piñatas was striking! The director of the school bought each of the kids a little dog piñata. They all thought that was pretty awesome! Maeve wanted to walk her dog and love on it like crazy. My girls were so excited about this excursion! Another mom bought a big piñata for the kids to smash the following day at school. I'm so glad Greta will celebrate her birthday here! I can't wait to buy a piñata! 

Sorry, not sorry for the insane number of photos!