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Greta has only one more soccer game left in this fall season. It's been really fun to watch her play. She's on a new team this year (yay for carpooling!) and it's been a great learning experience for her with an awesome coach and fun friends.

We just wrapped up spring soccer this month and it was lots of fun! I liked going to the Saturday games and seeing so many other families I knew. Holly missed soccer so much that she wore her jersey the Saturday after her last game. Many thanks to Conor's parents for handling the last two weeks of soccer while we were in France!

A couple of my friends organized a cute little 3 year old soccer league. We had our first practice and game. Greta looked so cute in her tight little shorts! She loved the practice but the game didn't go as well. She was anticipating more passing and less taking the ball away. She had some big tears over that. I hope that the rest of the soccer games will go better. We're going to practice at home and really emphasize having fun running around with our friends and if we get to kick the ball then great, but if we don't, no big deal. Fingers crossed!