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My sister, Alanna, went to the temple for her endowments while I was in Calgary and it was so exciting and happy to go and be there with her. My Mom and my cousin, Delaine, came too. The temple is so beautiful and wonderful and it's just extra to be there to witness someone's first time and then even more extra because she's my sister. I'm very grateful I was there for it. I love visiting the temples of the Lord. 

Yesterday, Conor and I had the wonderful chance to go to the temple here in Oaxaca. Starting next week, it will be closed for 2 weeks. We were so fortunate to have this chance offered to us by a family in our ward. They picked us up, took our daughters to their home to be cared for by their older daughters and then we went to the temple! I had to laugh when I saw for myself that the Oaxaca temple is the exact same as the Spokane temple! They are the smallest temples ever! The biggest difference were the palm trees and poinsettias in the garden of the Oaxaca temple. 

I loved listening to some of the temple ceremonies in Spanish. The Spanish language is so beautiful. 

I feel as though we have just soaked up so much kindness here in Mexico. It is non-stop! For some reason, people want to have us over for dinners and do kind things for us. I'll forever be grateful!

On our long drive, we stopped at the Guayaquil temple. It was Sunday and the grounds were closed, but it was really fun to see! I’ve never been to a temple that has accompanying patron housing. Holly and Greta love temples. I hope they always have as much enthusiasm for temples as they do now!