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Our baby girl isn't here yet. Both Holly and Greta were already born by this point so she feels overdue, except she's not. I still have 6 more days to go until my due date. But we were convinced she'd be here by now. I'm just having a long early labor stage. Lots of contractions that don't grow up into anything. Fortunately, I feel really great for the most part. The contractions can get a bit wearing but otherwise I'm not swollen or uncomfortable and I'm in good spirits. I feel confident that she'll come when she's ready whenever that is. I'm measuring pretty small (5-6 weeks small!), so maybe she needs a little more time to fatten up? I had an ultrasound to check in on everything and she passed all the tests and the tech could even see hair. I didn't want any 3D pictures of her face. I just want to be surprised I guess. She'll be here soon enough in person!

We had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend. Lots of time with friends and good food. I recently started making the girls holiday breakfasts. Halloween was our first one and now Thanksgiving. They LOVE it and it's a fairly simple way for me to celebrate the holidays with them, make them feel special and I feel like I'm doing a "good job" as a mom. It's a win all around. 

Holly and Greta wrote little letters to Santa and taped them to the fireplace. All they want Santa to bring them is Candy Canes and hubba bubba. The old guy can do that! Not having television and all the ads really effects our Christmas experience for the better I think. Their little letters are so cute!

I'm still trying to plan fun stuff on the weekends. If I don't, I'll go crazy! We're going to decorate gingerbread houses, get a tree and trim it, we have a party to go to, I want to watch the BFG with the girls, maybe do some charity toy shopping... Or maybe the baby will come? I don't have anything else to do to get ready for her. I'm tired of obsessively cleaning my house. I'm kind of over crossfit. And my freezer is filled to the top. So I need things to look forward to!

Nobody is pregnant forever right?!

We went for a walk at one of our favorite open spaces on Thanksgiving. Sometimes I feel like a walk with kids has more prodding then I'd like it to, but that's ok. We'll get there. It was a really beautiful day. Warm and sunny!

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