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“Tree Cutting”

In 2016, we had major tree drama. I wanted to perfect tree and Conor and I fought about it and I cried and we ended up spending $90 and then the next day, Maeve was born. 

After that year, we decided that buying a $5 permit and cutting down our own tree was the way we should go. When we are cutting down a tree I care less about a perfect tree because you have to cut from a cluster and it's truly all about the experience. We went to Idaho last weekend with our besties and had the best time cutting down a tree. The snow was up to our knees and the forest was so beautiful! After chopping our trees down and hauling back to the car, we feasted on cinnamon buns, trail mix, oranges and cider until we couldn't feel our feet. I would choose this over a perfect tree every time!