On Greta's birthday, we met some friends at Greta's favorite park and played. This meant that I got more than 3 hours of Spanish practice! Oh gosh, the language is difficult. Slugging through though! When the afternoon became dark, we walked to our local chapel where the women were making ceviche. Oh my goodness so delicious! Or as they would say in Ecuador, "bien rico" (pretty delicious!). I was surprised when a lady walked around with a grocery bag filled with salted popcorn mixed with plantain chips. That is a topping for the soup and it was so good! I'm so grateful Trader Joe's sells plantain chips back home. 

Now that we are in an apartment with a decent kitchen and for a longer stay, we plan on cooking Ecuadorian food. Hoping to share some photos of what we make! Do I dare make chicken stock out of chicken feet like the locals?!