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We went to Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump with my Mom and Sisters. I remember going there when I was little and I must have really enjoyed it because I've wanted to go again for as long as I can remember. It was really fun to take my girls and learn about Alberta history. The building itself is so neat. It's built into the cliff and blends right in. The exhibit was awesome and the staff were so inviting and friendly. It was so cool!

We were in Alberta last weekend for Grandma Muirhead's funeral. She lived to the amazing age of 97! I really enjoyed attending her funeral and other services and learning more about her. She was an incredible woman and has left behind an amazing legacy of faith and love. I'm so grateful to share her surname. It was a good weekend for checking in and being reminded of what really matters in life. 

The photos I took don't really tell a great story, there's lots of holes. But the days were filled with family and a baby who removed all her clothes during the funeral service. It was intense. And so worthwhile. 

Last weekend, we were up in Alberta. We spent a night at my Granny's house. Holly and Greta loved discovering and exploring all of my grandmother's trinkets and treasures. And Maeve wanted nothing more than to be best friends with my Granny's cat, Mimi. We were up early the following morning preparing for the funeral in Lethbridge. When I was getting ready, I could hear Holly and Greta chatting relentlessly with my Granny. I was reminded that my daughters are love. If you are family, they don't hold back. The approach all of their family relationships from a place of worthiness and love. We haven't seen my Granny in a little over two years. That didn't matter. She's family and they were going to love her.