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Looking out for number one! Oh boy, this boy makes me laugh!

I have pictures somewhere of Holly doing a very similar thing at a very similar age - walking around with a bag of cheerios. I wish I could've found them.

Oh this little guy, walking around with a doll and a doll bottle! What a Dad he'll be one day!

A new little activity E and I have taken up is walking to the end of the street and back (ideally without crying). E pushes the push toy and says, "uh-oh" anytime he sees it's about the veer off the sidewalk. Sometimes he takes a few steps up a neighbor's sidewalk. He likes it when there's something extra going on in the neighborhood, like a tree getting cut down, the moon shining or a rock to hold in his mouth. It's the little things. But honestly this 20-30 minute activity is just the ticket.

Have I expressed how much I love having boys in my home? I had no idea boys would be so delightful! I love E - he's a joy. E likes this bus, a lot. Last week, I took it away at nap time and he was so mad! The other day when he was playing with his bus, I couldn't resist taking some pictures. It's hard for me to resist buying all the vehicle toys. Oh my little man, I love you.

When E realized he could sit in the box, he was thrilled!

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