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I really thought our little man would be more into his cake than he was! He sure was happy to hop into the bath after tasting his cake. I made funfetti cake and we invited some friends over to celebrate with us. This was the first time we'd had friends in our home in forever. E liked us singing to him and I just feel overwhelmed with gratitude for his little life and that I get to be a part of it. He really is someone special.

As part of E's birthday celebration, I took all 5 kids downtown by myself! Yay me! We rode the carousel half a dozen times (I have a thing for carousels) and we checked out the new playground. Babies on carousels may be one of my favorite combinations ever. By the 4th and 5th rides, E was pretty into it!

Baby E is one! What a joy it was so celebrate him and his beautiful life so far. He's a darling child who loves to play and laugh. He's affectionate and snuggles into me when I put him in his crib and take him out. He loves to just be with us. When he crawls over to me and lays his head on my lap, my heart melts. His favorite things are the dishwasher and taking baths. If he hears water running in the bathroom he makes a beeline for the tub! E likes to be outside. My life is fuller, my heart is bigger because of this sweet boy.

Oh my goodness! These two! I joke that E is the Alpha and Ira is the Beta. E loves to be playfully squished and so we think that's what he's doing to Ira every chance he gets. Squishing him and attempting to poke out an eye or two.

This toy for Baby E was a good buy. It's so cute and he spends a ton of time on it! We know all the songs!

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