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How many years of awkwardly posed brother photos do these two have ahead of them? Hopefully an infinite amount!

E is perfecting blue steel. Watch out ladies!

E's favorite game right now in all its versions and variations. Sometimes he just turns his head away for a quick second and then looks at us with a clever grin, eyes lit up, and says, "eh," expecting and knowing we will laugh. Hey little man, you're our Joy Boy!

Whew, we're experiencing a heat wave and it is hot! Lucky for us, we had already planned a trip to Fish Lake with Maeve's preschool friends. Because Conor isn't working right now, he came too and brought a paddle board. I had purchased two paddle boards back in February when I was feeling a little down about summer and wondering if it would be fun. Where I'm at in raising a family and motherhood and children is a juggling act and I'm so grateful for my supportive community. We loved playing in the water. Conor is at a lake with the kids this afternoon and I think we'll go again tomorrow!

E loves to be outside with me and "helping" me in the yard. I can't keep him out of the dirt and I don't really try either. This is childhood, getting messy! It all washes off in the tub anyways. I love watching E explore and discover. He's a curious little guy. And somehow he's extra cute covered in dirt!

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