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Greta was baptized on May 25th. It was an exciting day! In total, her baptism was postponed 3 times!! What a patient gal my Greta can be! In the end, we chose to go to Calgary to baptize her so that all our core people could be there. It was pretty special. I'm really glad that Greta has chosen to be a follower of Jesus Christ. By being baptized, she's declared herself a disciple of Jesus Christ and in my opinion, that's about the most important thing a person can do!

Greta wore the same dress Holly wore for her baptism. It's so special to have that sister bond!

While in Calgary, we went to Strathmore to visit my Gramma. All of my in-town family came, we ordered pizza, played crib and had so much fun! Holly and Greta love going to the lodge to visit Great Gramma. They never want to leave! Probably because my Gramma is so good about making us feel loved.

My Dad drives a bus for work and he took my girls for a spin. I didn't join them, but I did send them with the camera and here's what they came back with. They had so much fun! 

I'm so glad we thought to do this! My daughters and I met my Mom at her workplace and ate lunch with her in the atrium. It was an awesome way of sneaking in a little more Granny time. The atrium was a really fun place for my kids. They especially liked the turtles and the fish. I'll definitely be repeating this little adventure!

One of the first things my girls did when we arrived in Calgary... Dress Ups! Maeve loves wearing this red dress and Holly wore these round glasses almost every moment of every day for the remainder of our trip. Childhood at its finest!

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