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My girls are so fond of their cousins. They love to play with Theia. Here's a quick snapshot of all the kids together! It's so fun to see how much Maeve loves Theia (and her Quinn too!). Love these cousin bonds!

Time spent with our awesome Muirhead family when we were in Calgary last!

My sister, Alanna, went to the temple for her endowments while I was in Calgary and it was so exciting and happy to go and be there with her. My Mom and my cousin, Delaine, came too. The temple is so beautiful and wonderful and it's just extra to be there to witness someone's first time and then even more extra because she's my sister. I'm very grateful I was there for it. I love visiting the temples of the Lord. 

I just so happened to be in Calgary on a Glenbow Museum free night and there was a Christian Dior exhibit. It was pretty amazing. I went with my Mom and my sister, Kim, and left wishing I could find more time to sew! It was very inspiring. The clothes were just so beautiful and thoughtful. Really something else!

Everytime we are in Calgary, we always, always try to go see my Gramma. My girls love to visit her and are always so disappointed when it's time to leave. My Gramma is an expert at loving people and my girls for sure feel that love. Maeve's farewell hug to Great-Gramma was adorable - she wrapped her arms so tightly around Gramma's legs and gave a big squeeze. We love you Gramma!

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