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For Holly, I helped Greta stamp polka dots on a skirt and then Greta helped me sew the elastic waist and the hem. It was so cute to see my girls exchange gifts. Holly has worn the skirt Holly made for her a lot - almost every day since Christmas. She really loves it! If I have the energy for handmade gifts between girls next year, I’m totally doing it!

Whenever we stay at our home base for Christmas, I always miss family. However, I love that we don’t have anywhere to be. I love that we can take our time and open gifts at whatever pace we choose and just savor the moment. It’s easier to do when I’m not thinking about where we need to be next. That being said, this balance of staying home sometimes and going to Canada other times is working for me. I always am so excited to go up and I can’t wait for our next Canadian Christmas. I look forward to both ways!

We took our sweet time on Christmas morning. I made Baked Oatmeal for breakfast and I can’t wait to make it again - it was delicious! We played with toys as we opened them… facetimed with family, ate lots of treats (that’s all Greta ate!) and just hung out. I’m not sure that there was anything that stood out all too much from this Christmas, but it was a relaxing, easy day that we truly spent together. And that was a gift in and of itself.

Extra bonus, the girls liked the dolls I made them! Holly thanked me over and over again and has proudly shown the doll to everyone possible. And if she hasn’t had her doll to show, she’s told people all about it! Makes my heart swell.

Playing some blog catch-up this week….

Christmas Eve was wonderful! We went to Ranchos San Antonio in the morning and walked/hiked with friends. We actually made it all the way to Deer Hollow Farm and we loved looking at all the animals. We spent a good couple of hours outside and it was foggy, misty and beautiful.

One of our traditions is to make Swedish Gingerbread cookies on Christmas Eve. When we’re celebrating at our own home, we like to deliver them to a handful of other families who are also staying local. I love doing that!

And then home for dinner and Christmas books and Santa prep.

Being sisters is extra special at Christmas time!

In past years, the girls have purchased gifts for each other. This year, I chose to take a handmade route. Holly made Greta a plate through a company called MakIt. I got together some friends and we put in a big order and got the cheapest plate price. Holly had made a plate like this at the end of preschool last year for herself and Greta has been very envious of it. I think she’ll be thrilled with this gift. It was a little painful making it with Holly - she didn’t seem to want to put in the time and effort I wanted her to put into it. But it turned out so cute anyways. I’m excited for the girls to exchange their gifts. Greta and I will finish her gift for Holly this week before school’s out.

I’m not sure that we’ll always take the handmade route… but as long as I have ideas and the energy for them I think I’ll shoot for it. It’s a harder thing to do with Holly because she’s in school. But easy to do with Greta. We’ll see!

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