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Ornaments, nightgowns and this quilt were the items I made for Christmas gifts. I backed this quilt in flannel which is the new must for every quilt I make. It makes the quilt extra cozy! This was a gift for someone I watch over at church. It may have been me serving in my style, but it was service nonetheless.

Sometime before Christmas we made swedish gingerbread cookies and sugar cookies. Here are some pictures of my little helpers. Maeve got in like a dirty shirt grabbing fingerfuls of dough to eat! In December, Maeve added the word, "cookie" to her vocabulary. 

This year, we invited a family with teenagers to decorate gingerbread houses with us and I think Holly giggled the entire time! Oh gosh, I can't imagine being in the phase of life where we are parents to teenagers, but I guess it's coming! We had lots of fun and our gingerbread house was stripped of all it's candy in less than a week!

This year's ornaments were nice and simple. I used up scraps of fabric from our favorite Christmas quilt and used this Scandinavian Fabric Stars Tutorial. Holly and Greta chose which strips of fabric they wanted to have used in their stars. I made a few extra. These little stars are a great little project!

Ah, decorating the tree. It's a total frenzy of excitement and urgency for our kids. Our tree is pretty simple with lots and lots of ornaments I've made over the years. That tradition is one of my favorites. Here are some pictures of my girls in front of our tree. And of Maeve wearing the tree skirt!

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