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Conor is officially 37 years old! We loved celebrating him! I gave Conor an heirloom chess board for his birthday and then I beat him at his own game. I also arranged a chess tournament of sorts. Friends came over to play 30 minute games with Conor so he got in around 9 or so games of chess. It was nerdy and wonderful.

Love these two to the moon and back! We're all about the boys these days. Such a weird twist after having three girls in a row!

Greta was sick this last week. She's doing better now, but she spent about 5 days feverish and tired and a little bit miserable. While sick, her three favorite things really made themselves clear. First, bunny. Always bunny. Second, her blue blanket. She likes her blue blanket, but this last week, it went to a whole new level. The blanket goes everywhere with her! And third, her Daddy. Greta transformed into the biggest Daddy's girl. She wants to be near him all the time. If he wasn't home when she woke up in the morning, Greta would cry big tears. I don't blame the girl. He's a pretty great guy.