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Spokane is big into running and cross country and I love it. This was Maeve's first season and she had a good time! Her age group's time trials were at their home school, not at a meet like the bigger kids. It was so much fun to go watch her run and cheer her on. Her perspective is a little different because she has older siblings who have done cross country and Greta has made it into the final all-city race every year. Maeve didn't make it to all-city, but she did run with heart!

Greta qualified for the All-City Cross Country Meet. I'm so proud of her and she did great! Ultimately she came in 8th (!) and ran a mile in 6:58, which is totally unbelievable. And the best part, check out the photos. Greta is smiling and enjoying herself. She ran with one of her friends and I really couldn't have been more pleased with the whole thing.

Afterwards, we checked out an ice cream diner place together. It was a great day!

Greta ran her last XC race last week. She qualified for the all-city race and she did great! After the race, I asked her if anything any said along the sidelines helped her run faster, thinking that maybe one of my coaching comments I yelled to her as she ran past me was inspiring. Man, did I eat a piece of humble pie! Greta said that she liked it when some of our friends (who she loves) cheered for her at the end was the best and that helped her to speed up. It was a moment of great learning for me! I saw her three times in the course of that mile and each time I told her to run through the pain or pass those girls or speed up you're at the end. And I should've just cheered for her. Simple as that.

Well despite me, Greta did awesome and I really hope she keeps to running throughout her life.

One of my favorite things about living in Spokane is the cross country program at the schools. It's so great! This past week Holly and Greta had their first meet of the season and they rocked it! They worked hard and I'm proud of them!