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Earlier this month we had our family photos taken. It went so smoothly and I wasn't crazy mom so that's a win! I love these little people of mine. They are a joy! Here are some of my favorites...

Well, here's something I haven't done much of lately... Sunday photos of my darlings! Maeve with pigtails! Maeve has worn through the bottoms of two pairs of pants and one pair of jammies. That bottom scoot is really hard on the clothing! I bought her the knitted tights she's wearing here for $2. 

This is my baby after we've walked home from church. We could not keep her awake in the ergo! On this Sunday, she went to nursery and clearly had a great time. Immediately following Sacrament meeting at church, Maeve gets whisked away by someone. She's quite the little celebrity! 

At the end of summer, I snapped a few family photos in our favorite park before the kiddos grew out of the outfits I had chosen for them. I love this little crew of mine, and we all know how much I love photographs! Having these three sweet girls in my life is so wonderful. So much work (Maeve waking up in the night I'm looking at you!), but really truly it's a beautiful work. And thank heavens for Conor, always by my side, encouraging me, supporting me and telling me when I stray too far into the mean person zone. These are my people. I love them.