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I pressed some flowers this summer so that my girls could make flower art. And here it is!

A photo of my girls with their good friend Santi. He only lived a few blocks from us and the kids spent a lot of time together. I hope they are forever friends!

A few times, we've stopped at this local little taco shop to buy really yummy (and rolled!) tacos. It's totally a home kitchen sort of style, but the tacos are amazing and so cheap. For 8 good sized tacos, we paid 120 pesos, which is considerably less than what we paid for 4 ice creams! All the little shops and vendors really make the neighborhoods something special. There's so much more interaction between people and it's really cool! I wish there were more small shops in my neighborhood in Washington. I'm not talking boutiques, I'm talking mom and pop shops. Anyways, some photos! 

To celebrate the end of 2 weeks of learning Spanish, we picked up some ice cream on the way home from a shop that Greta wanted to go to. We bought overpriced (200 pesos for 4!), but delicious ice cream and enjoyed our sunny walk home. Holly looked so colorful with her piñata, green ice cream, purple sunglasses and blue dress, I had to take a picture! Ice cream immediately before lunch or dinner... when you're in Mexico, yes!

On Friday, we completed our two weeks of Spanish lessons. I go back and forth between feeling great because I've made progress and feeling completely deflated because how on earth am I going to master this language full of so many words?! I love Spanish and I want to speak it well! With time and work, I'll get there. Conor and I really enjoyed being in the same class and I adored our teacher Eliel. We had so many laughs with him. He was great! 

The girls loved their classes as well. Each week they had a third student in their classes, both were 8 year old girls. I'm not sure how much new Spanish they learned, however they love Spanish! The last day of school, Holly and Greta decorated piñatas their teacher had made. The piñatas turned out so cute! I absolutely adore them! 

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