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My baby boy has big, wide eyes and he's so alert. He looks like he's taking it all in and he loves to look at faces. Interestingly, the name Ira means "watchful," which I didn't pay much mind to, however, now that he's here and such a watchful observer of all that's happening around him, his name suits him even more! I love those big eyes!

My sister-in-law, Liz, made this quilt for Ira. Conor's mom called him her sunshine and light baby and because Ira is our 4th (bio) baby and a boy, Liz made a quilt that reminded her of Conor as a wee one. It's such a sweet quilt and sure to be treasured!

So much love getting squeezed into Ira all the time! Crossing my fingers he survives!

My little mamacita! Perks of virtual school.

Dressing a baby boy is more fun than I ever thought it would be!

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