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Babies in rompers... the more thigh the better am I right? Love these two.

Another day, another matching outfit! These watermelon rompers are so cute! And my boys! They're adorable.

Some snapshots of Ira May 9 - June 15. Ira likes to suck his left thumb and hold the center of his shirt near the neckline with his right hand. Dang, he's cute!

How many years of awkwardly posed brother photos do these two have ahead of them? Hopefully an infinite amount!

My darling baby boy is 3 months old! He's really growing into himself and he's a major cutie! Ira is so smiley and chatty. He has big blue eyes. Ira started sleeping through the night consistently (yay!) and I actually wake him up most mornings. The guy is a champ! Ira is a devoted thumb sucker. He figured that out and never looked back. Having that thumb available makes him a pretty easy baby. Ira continues to be an enthusiastic eater although sometimes I wonder how he can even enjoy being drowned by milk. Sorry buddy! Ira is the master of the blow out. I have zero concerns about his milk intake because his poop production is really something to be amazed at! Ira is so chill and pretty wonderful! He does cry, but stops as soon as he's picked up. He knows all his siblings really well and smiles at them every chance he gets. I really, really love Ira!

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