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One morning this week, we visited 4 museums. The museum of contemporary art was one of them. It was a really beautiful space with really interesting pieces. I especially loved the wax flowers. 

It seems to me that all roads lead to the Zocálo. We go there most days even if it's just walking past or resting for a couple minutes. The vibe there is so fun! I'm really going to miss this heart of the city feeling. 

Elote is corn on the cob, smothered with mayo and cheese and drizzled with lime juice. Lots of people here also get chili sauce, but we're gringos so... we keep it mild. Maeve loves elote so much! Check out her face covered in mayo and cheese!

And here's a little something-something I picked up for myself... fried plantains topped with sweet stuff! 

Our lunch today was so delicious! We went to a restaurant called, Hierba Dulce. I ordered a salad that was made of jimaca, beets, mangoes, oranges and a tamarind dressing. And I had a veggie and cheese empanada with a big salad and guacamole. It was so yummy and FRESH! 

Today, we went to the Artisan Market. After a lot of anxiety and anguish, Holly bought a dress! She's been absolutely obsessive and worried about how much money she would have left over. Oh goodness! I get it though! I have a hard time making decisions too. Okay, I think I'm tired of shopping and I'm starting to worry about bringing everything home (we have bought 3 rugs!!). 

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