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Greta and I had a field trip with her preschool group in Green Bluff. We had a little tour and tractor ride and got to pick pumpkins. It was a lot of fun and really cute. This is the second time we've been out to an apple orchard and for some reason it's visiting the apple orchards that makes my heart sick for California. This was something we did every fall with friends. We would always visit Gizdich and pick a ton of apples! While I love Spokane, sometimes it's still really hard. All of the friends I went to Gizdich with were friends! I haven't really gotten to know any of the other families at preschool so they all feel like strangers. Spokane already feels like home, I just wish all my besties would move here too!

Other than the heart sick feeling, we enjoyed the field trip. Green Bluff is so beautiful and it's so close to home. We came home with a box filled with squash, apple butter and a gallon of fresh apple cider. And of course these cute pictures of my Greta girl.

I dropped this little goof ball off at preschool this morning. Just praying that this goes better than swim lessons and ballet and almost everything else I've dropped her off at without her sister. I caught a nasty cold virus so for now I'm resting, but I have a big list of things to do around these house! I'm not going to have any trouble filling up my 5 hours a week that I spend kidless. Honestly, when I typed that it sounds like such a ridiculously small amount of time. Better make the most of it!

Pictures of Greta. Seriously this kid is such a joker!

Holly graduated from Preschool this week and just about broke my heart. I'm not sure why childhood flies by so quickly, but it's moving like a freight train with no brakes. The start of kindergarten has me reeling. I feel like now she has to grow up. And it's all happening way too fast...

It was fun to celebrate her! She's had a lot of fun in Preschool. She went twice a week for 2.5 hours. Now we're onto summer and hopefully having a lot of fun before we begin what will be the many years of daily school attendance. Lots of growth and learning, but also a lot less time in the home with me. Breaking my heart. But at the same time, let's see how far you can soar Holly Bear.