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Gulp. Today was our last day at home in an english speaking ward for a few months! It was totally bitter sweet. I'm SO excited to be embarking on this adventure and I'm really going to miss my friends and community. We really are so blessed to have made so many wonderful connections with lots of different people. I feel sad that I'm going to miss out on the time that could be spent with the amazing people here. I've found myself caught up in FOMO. That being said, it's really affirmative to have a 3 month change like this and realize how much I adore the people I get to spend time with and serve. I think that we will be able to come back into our friendships more present and even more loyal and committed. 

This afternoon, Maeve met her brand new best friend. All the love for sweet baby Sloane!

Snapped a few photos of my crew this past Sunday. I bought Maeve a new toy in Chicago and she loves it. It's not the best toy to bring to church though - those round pieces roll away! Lesson learned.

Maeve's cheesy grin in the first picture makes my heart melt! That gummy smile is the best thing ever!

Sundays with my family. Sometimes they're sweet and sometimes everyone is tired from the week leading up to the day of rest and it's less sweet. It can go either way. I'm glad we took a little bit of time to snap some photos.