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It seems to me that all roads lead to the Zocálo. We go there most days even if it's just walking past or resting for a couple minutes. The vibe there is so fun! I'm really going to miss this heart of the city feeling. 

Elote is corn on the cob, smothered with mayo and cheese and drizzled with lime juice. Lots of people here also get chili sauce, but we're gringos so... we keep it mild. Maeve loves elote so much! Check out her face covered in mayo and cheese!

And here's a little something-something I picked up for myself... fried plantains topped with sweet stuff! 

Downtown, there is a huge square where there's lots of vendors and all sorts of things to see! We went on Friday night with a family we had met at Spanish classes. We bought the kids bouncy rubber balls with streamers and an elastic rope with which to send it flying. It was very exciting. There were lots of other children playing. And there was live music. We ate ice cream before dessert, played some more and ate tacos for dinner. And then took a taxi home because we absolutely had to pick up our laundry from the lavenderia before it closed (at 8pm) because we were all out of underwear, minus 1!